Producers of ‘Survivor’ sue Popcorn Time users for online infringement


Just recently, Millennium Films and Nu Image filed a lawsuit for the illegal online distribution of the assassin movie Survivor which stars Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich. The sixteen (16) individual Popcorn Time users were accused of unauthorized download and distribution of copies of the movie through the BitTorrent network.


Popcorn Time

Much like Netflix, Popcorn Time delivers pirated movies to users. Since its launch, the streaming service has battled legal difficulties and had a growing number of complaints. Launched last year, Popcorn Time’s creators shut the streaming service down after a week, citing on-going legal difficulties, but YTS, a BitTorrent site, picked it back up. Legal concerns began again almost immediately. Last week, two (2) men who were running sites that provided easier access for people to use Popcorn Time were arrested in Denmark.


Movie Studios

In order to prove a point about the effect of film piracy, the studios are making an example of these “habitual copyright infringers”. Millennium Films and Nu Image were behind Expendables 3 which was leaked online before its official release in 2014. The estimated cost of the leak was $161 million in revenue.


What the law allowed

Each defendant could be fined up to $150,000, but if the copyright infringers immediately comply with their requests, the studio will agree to resolve each case for $750 in damages, which is also referred to as “statutory minimum in damages”.


To fight copyright infringement, companies keep coming up with aggressive actions aside from sending out copyright letters like TCYK LLC letters. Companies are certainly stepping up in their anti-piracy efforts.

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