InternetNZ to Kiwis: “What do you want from the copyright law?”


In a video released recently, InternetNZ asked New Zealanders what they want from the copyright law. According to Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ, Kiwis are not able to view or access the content that they want.

In the video:

  • they asked the locals what they want from their copyright
  • they compared it to shopping in the supermarket
  • they said people will not stand for a law that stops or restricts them from buying what they want like food or online content

Click the link to watch InternetNZ’s video – “Passport control at the checkout

Basically, they are making New Zealanders prepare and consider these questions so all the necessary revisions would be added to the upcoming reform of the copyright law which affects what people can watch, share, and do online.

Global Mode

The switching off of the Global Mode service allowed Kiwis to pay for and access overseas streaming services. Customers of some New Zealand Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could access content as if they lived in an unrestricted region which means they could access new episodes of popular TV shows like Game of Thrones. However, local companies that purchased exclusive rights to such content brought legal action against Global Mode service for copyright law breach. Still, the case did not go to court.

Detailed updates on the next copyright review would definitely help minimize copyright infringement. This means less TCYK LLC letters to be released and most especially, more satisfied Kiwis all over the world.

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