From Copyright Collections Ltd to Copyright Management Services Ltd


from CC to CMS


Change is an unavoidable sign that leads to progress; and we have undergone an important change recently – from formerly being known as Copyright Collections Ltd., we now go by the name Copyright Management Services Ltd.

Different name. Different logo. Same goal.

The new company name does not change our basic goal which is to bring justice to those who have been robbed through copyright infringement. We felt that we needed a moniker that’s appropriate for our purpose. This name change clearly illustrates what we do for film and creative industries. We provide services that help rights holders manage their copyright concerns, hence, Copyright Management Services.

One change that will remain at the top of our list is the way we treat online piracy. Right now, copyright laws extend to blocking pirate sites only. The focus is set on hindering access to illegal providers of copyrighted materials like torrent websites instead of going after the operator of the sites or basically those who make money from copyright infringement. But with our consistent efforts as an anti-piracy advocate, we can see that it is possible to combat online piracy. The effects may take a while, but it is gradually developing. Copyright infringers might hate us but we are ready to make them pay the consequences of their actions.

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