Facebook’s new tools to fight video piracy


After receiving criticism from content owners, Facebook is offering new tools that will identify and remove unauthorized video content that is uploaded without the owner’s permission. YouTube’s video-sharing business has been going on for a decade, while it’s only been a year since Facebook allowed users to share videos on their news feeds.

Facebook is working to improve its technology to identify copyrighted materials. In order to speed up the process of removing unauthorized videos, the social media giant is making improvements to their existing reporting procedures. There’s also a possibility of banning repeat offenders from returning to their site.

Working on an anti-piracy system

Web-video content owners said Facebook was unable to prevent unauthorized posting of their videos. So, the social media giant designed a tool that can identify duplicates of video contents that the original creators already posted. This tool will allow content owners to have access to online dashboards where they can select specific contents to monitor. They then will be notified if the tool finds a matching content on Facebook. The creators finally have the option to report it to the company.

As Facebook plans to work with a number of partners, this work-in-progress project will be improved aside from developing new tools. Rights holders practice different ways of fighting piracy like website blocking and releasing TCYK LLC letters among others. Facebook will have to put in several years to come up with a system that supports anti-piracy, but they’re off to a good start.

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