Sky customers to pay for allegedly pirating “The Company You Keep”

As a legal firm that advocates the unlawfulness of online copyright infringement, TCYK LLC has taken matters into its hands by sending letters to Sky broadband customers who allegedly pirated the Robert Redford film “The Company You Keep”, which starred Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon and Shia LaBeouf. The TCYK LLC letter reportedly demands for payment… Continue reading>

Australian anti-piracy scheme delayed due to postponed agreement

A new anti-piracy scheme was supposed to start September 1, 2015 but it was delayed due to the postponed agreement between rights holders and internet service providers (ISPs). The scheme would see that Australians would receive copyright infringement notices from their ISPs if they were caught illegally downloading movies, TV shows, and music. Notice scheme… Continue reading>

Facebook’s new tools to fight video piracy

After receiving criticism from content owners, Facebook is offering new tools that will identify and remove unauthorized video content that is uploaded without the owner’s permission. YouTube's video-sharing business has been going on for a decade, while it's only been a year since Facebook allowed users to share videos on their news feeds. Facebook is… Continue reading>

Users of Popcorn Time app threatened of anti-piracy lawsuit

Around 50,000-75,000 Popcorn Time movie streamers in Norway are now being threatened by a pro-copyright lobbying group. The lawsuit stemmed from the recent records of alleged infringers collected by a copyright protection company’s database, which is believed to be “just a portion of the estimated 250,000 people” (in Norway alone) who use the famous app… Continue reading>

Internet piracy scam run from a bedroom cost the film industry millions

Who says differently abled people can’t run an illegal business successfully? 30-year old Londonderry resident Paul Mahoney, who is partially blind, made over £200,000 by getting revenue from ads ran on illegal sites that infringe some popular TV shows and films. Mahoney operated this kind of online racket for six years inside the comfort of… Continue reading>