ABS-CBN’s Anti-Piracy Efforts, A Success

ABS-CBN’s effort against piracy has gained them the “massive impact” title by a major copyright, privacy, and file-sharing publication. In an article written by TorrentFreak Founder and Editor-In-Chief Ernesto Van der Sar that was published in their website, he cited that the television giant’s numerous court battles and victories caused millions of dollar damages to… Continue reading>

Sky customers to pay for allegedly pirating “The Company You Keep”

As a legal firm that advocates the unlawfulness of online copyright infringement, TCYK LLC has taken matters into its hands by sending letters to Sky broadband customers who allegedly pirated the Robert Redford film “The Company You Keep”, which starred Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon and Shia LaBeouf. The TCYK LLC letter reportedly demands for payment… Continue reading>

InternetNZ to Kiwis: “What do you want from the copyright law?”

In a video released recently, InternetNZ asked New Zealanders what they want from the copyright law. According to Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ, Kiwis are not able to view or access the content that they want. In the video: they asked the locals what they want from their copyright they compared it to shopping… Continue reading>

Received a TCYK LLC letter? Here are basic what-to-do guidelines

Entities pursue copyright infringers based on the evidence they’ve gathered with the help of IT experts. However, those who receive copyright letters bring up issues regarding the claims. These copyright issues may include incorrect ISP, "fake" IP address, and false evidence among others. But what exactly do you do if you get a letter of… Continue reading>

PRS for Music sued SoundCloud for copyright infringement

For the protection of film copyrights, infringers typically receive Copyright Management Services Ltd or TCYK LLC letters. As for music piracy, it’s a bit different. SoundCloud, which is a popular music-streaming website, used to have a clash with the music industry; but just recently, PRS for Music representing songwriters has begun legal proceedings against the… Continue reading>

uTorrent is considering a paid subscription for its users

    As a free BitTorrent client, uTorrent gathers millions of users every month. In the business perspective, hitting the 100 million mark is a great indicator of potential competitive revenue. On the user’s side though, it’s a different story. Monetization Scheme BitTorrent has earned from paid ads and their bundle software. However, due to… Continue reading>

Music piracy websites operator found guilty of copyright infringement

A man named Rocky P. Ouprasith from North Carolina pleaded guilty of reproducing and distributing infringed digital copies of several copyrighted works, including popular songs and albums. The announcement was made last August 23 in Washington, D.C. by Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell from the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente… Continue reading>

Court demands $13k fine from an illegal TV provider in Dubai

A court in Dubai is asking a UKTV Abroad packages distributor to pay a fine of Dhs50,000 or $13,613 for its “unlicensed and unauthorised Internet Protocol Television service” in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spearheaded the raid, which was conducted due to the copyright infringement complaint filed by the firm… Continue reading>

CNN and CBC face copyright infringement lawsuit over YouTube video

New Yorker Alfonzo Cutaia has reportedly filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against TV networks CNN and CBC for allegedly stealing his 31-seconder “Buffalo Lake Effect” video, which he uploaded on YouTube under “Standard YouTube License”. The complaint was filed in New York court. Cutaia told CBC about his concern; however, CBC told him that they… Continue reading>

Anish Kapoor alleges China of copyright infringement over “Cloud Gate”

As a country where piracy is rampant, China has another copyright infringement issue as the British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor has accused the country for illegally copying his Chicago sculpture Cloud Gate, which reflects the city’s skyscape. It was said that a city of Karamay in China has a new structure that has allegedly similar features… Continue reading>