Users of Popcorn Time app threatened of anti-piracy lawsuit

Around 50,000-75,000 Popcorn Time movie streamers in Norway are now being threatened by a pro-copyright lobbying group. The lawsuit stemmed from the recent records of alleged infringers collected by a copyright protection company’s database, which is believed to be “just a portion of the estimated 250,000 people” (in Norway alone) who use the famous app… Continue reading>

Internet piracy scam run from a bedroom cost the film industry millions

Who says differently abled people can’t run an illegal business successfully? 30-year old Londonderry resident Paul Mahoney, who is partially blind, made over £200,000 by getting revenue from ads ran on illegal sites that infringe some popular TV shows and films. Mahoney operated this kind of online racket for six years inside the comfort of… Continue reading>

Windows 10 banned from torrent sites due to privacy concerns

While TCYK LLC pursues infringers by sending out TCYK LLC letters, Microsoft's anti-piracy measure raises distrust with its latest operating system Windows 10. Although there isn’t any hard evidence presented, torrent websites are taking extra caution. The paranoia stems from a single line in the Service Agreement of Microsoft which makes it possible for it… Continue reading>

uTorrent is considering a paid subscription for its users

    As a free BitTorrent client, uTorrent gathers millions of users every month. In the business perspective, hitting the 100 million mark is a great indicator of potential competitive revenue. On the user’s side though, it’s a different story. Monetization Scheme BitTorrent has earned from paid ads and their bundle software. However, due to… Continue reading>

Music piracy websites operator found guilty of copyright infringement

A man named Rocky P. Ouprasith from North Carolina pleaded guilty of reproducing and distributing infringed digital copies of several copyrighted works, including popular songs and albums. The announcement was made last August 23 in Washington, D.C. by Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell from the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente… Continue reading>

Court demands $13k fine from an illegal TV provider in Dubai

A court in Dubai is asking a UKTV Abroad packages distributor to pay a fine of Dhs50,000 or $13,613 for its “unlicensed and unauthorised Internet Protocol Television service” in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spearheaded the raid, which was conducted due to the copyright infringement complaint filed by the firm… Continue reading>